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Pick ‘n’ Mix Tuck Bags


We offer a variety of bag sizes and have over 130 sweets to choose from,Banana (GF) (DF)
Beach Mix (GF) (DF)
Bubblegum Mermaids (VE)
Bubblegum Mushrooms
Caramel & Banana Bubs (VE)
Coconut Mushrooms (GF)
Cherries (VE)
Cherry Cables (DF) –
Dracula Teeth (VE) –
Foamy Sugared Strawberries (GF) (DF)
Flamingoes (Raspberry)
Giant Dinosaurs
Giant Dolphins (GF) (DF)
Giant Eggs (GF) (DF)
Giant Spiders (GF) (DF)
Gummy Butterflies
Haribo Cherries
Haribo Eggs
Haribo Eggs Galore
Haribo Giant Cola
Haribo Giant Strawberry’s (V)
Haribo Gold Bears
Haribo Jelly Baby
Haribo Jelly Fairyland
Haribo Rhubarb & Custard Pencils
Haribo Love Hearts
Haribo Mini Cola Bottles
Haribo Rings (GF)
Haribo Turtles
Haribo Yellow Bellie Snakes –
Haribo Starfish (V)
Haribo Freaky Fish (V)
Haribo Bear Buddy’s
Haribo Long Rainbow Twists (V)
Happy Flowers (GF) (DF)
Jelly Babies (DF) (GF)
Jelly Bunnys
Jelly Crocodiles (GF) (DF)
Jelly Sharks (GF)
Jelly Worms (GF) (DF)
Jelly Filled Brains (GF) (DF)
Lips (GF) (DF)
Long Apple Pencils (H)
Long Blue Raspberry Pencils (H)
Long Bubblegum Pencils (H)
Long Cherry Pencils (H)
Pigs Mugs (GF)
Pint Pots (DF)
Psycho Mice (GF)
Rabbit Heads
Raspberry & Blueberry Bubs (VE)
Rotella Cherry
Rotella Raspberry
Shrimp (GF) (DF)
Strawberries (VE)
Strawberry Cable Pencils (DF)
Strawberry Dreams
Strawberry Kisses (GF) (DF)
Strawberry Milkshake Bottle (non powdered) (GF) (DF) –
Strawberry Milkshake (powdered) (GF) (DF)
Strawberry Mushrooms (GF) (DF)
Strawberry Pencils (DF)
Space Mix (VE)
Swirly Rainbow Fish (GF)
Milk Bottles (GF)
Mini Raspberry Dolphins (GF) (DF)
Unicorns (GF) (DF)
Watermelons (DF)
Watermelon BUBS

🌟 Fizzy 🌟

3D Hearts (GF)
Bubs Cola skulls
bubs fruit skulls
Blackcurrant Rings
Blue Sour Babies (VE)
Bubblegum Bottles (GF) (DF)
Cherry Cola (VE)
Cherries (VE)
Dracula Teeth (DF)
Flying Saucers (VE) (GF)
Bubs Giant Cola Skulls – Sour (VE)
Bubs Giant Fruit Skulls – Sour (VE)
Haribo Giant Sour Keys
Haribo Sour Cherry
Large Cherry Cola Bottle (GF) (DF)
Large Cola Bottles (GF) (DF)
Long Apple sour strip (VE)
Long Rainbow sour strip
Long Strawberry sour strip (DF)
Long Rainbow Cables (H)
Mini Cola Bottles (VE)
Peach Ring
Peach Rings (VE)
Rainbow Twist Sour (VE) (H)
Raspberry Rocketz (DF)
Small Rainbow Belts
Small Sour Keys (VE)
Sour Apples (VE)
Sour Bears (Halal)
Sour Dinosaurs (VE)
Sour Octopus  (VE)
Sour Watermelon (GF) (DF)
Strawberry (VE)
Strawberry Pencils
Tutti Frutti Bubs – Sour (VE)
Worms (GF) (DF)
Watermelon Slices
Watermelon Slices (VE)
Watermelon Slices (VE)  Vidal
Tropical Slices VE Vidal
Strawberry and cream VE Vidal
Bubs water melon
Bubs rasferry lemon

Large long cables

Fizzy rainbow
Blue raspberry

🍫 Chocolate 🍫

Giant Jazzies (V)
Fish n Chips (V)
Foiled Chocolate Eggs (V)
Ice Creams
Mini Eggs (GF)
Mini Jazzies
Pink Hearts
Pink & White Mice
Spinning Tops
Star Jazzies (V)
White Mice (V)


Apple (V) (GF)
Blue Raspberry (V) (GF)
Bubblegum (V) (GF)
Lemon (V) (GF)
Powdered Lemon Toffee (V) (GF)
Rhubarb & Custard (V) (GF)
Strawberry (V) (GF)


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Additional information

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Pouch Size

The Mini Tuck (500g Pouch), The Large Tuck (1kg Pouch), The Daddy Tuck (1.5kg Pouch), The Mega Tuck(2kg Pouch), The Heavyweight Tuck (2.5kg Pouch)

Pouch Type

Mixed, Gummy, Fizzy, Chocolate, Custom, Vegan

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